• What are Wishlists?

    Wishlists are a great opportunity for teachers to get some of those special "extras" to enhance the classroom experience for students.  We know that our parents are eager to help, too, and wishlists are a powerful tool for parents to support teachers.  Wishlists are a practical way for teachers to receive special items for the classroom and we hope that the resources below will provide you with a little bit of guidance when setting up a wishlist while still complying with district policies and procedures.

    Wishlist Guidelines

    View current guidelines and policy for creating wishlists as an employee of Crosby ISD.

    Wishlist Application

    Submit your Wishlist Application to your Principal to get started with the Wishlist process.

    Wishlist Quick Start for Teachers

    Click here to read about the Wishlist process for teachers.

    Wishlist Quick Start for Principals

    Click here for a detailed guide for principals on how to manage campus Wishlists.

    Wishlist FAQ

    Read commonly asked questions and answers about starting a Wishlist campaign in Crosby ISD.