• Community Relations Department

    It's no secret that we live in a special community.  Our community has been greatly supportive of Crosby ISD for many years.  It is our desire as a district to be a reflection of the wonderful community we live in.  The success of our schools depends greatly on strong partnerships/relationships with our students, our parents, our employees, and our community.  In order to establish those relationships and partnerships, we must create connections.  We want to establish connections with our community and we do so in a variety of ways.  We connect through pictures, tidbits of information, and video through our social media sites.  We connect with our community when we participate in community events.  We connect through established programs such as our Gold Card Club and our Education Foundation.  We connect because we believe "it takes a village."

    Viviana Killion

    Director of Community Relations 


    281-328-9200 ext. 1203