Rezoning Overview

  • In 2016, Crosby ISD embarked on its first Attendance Zoning process as the district moved away from grade-exclusive elementary campuses to 1st-5th grade elementary campuses.  Prior to 2016-2017, Crosby ISD consisted of the following campuses:



    * Crosby Elementary School was already a 1st-5th grade campus that enrolled students on a volunteer basis through an application process.

    By the time students were ready to go to middle school, they had attended four different campuses that required families to transition to a new campus every two years.  Additionally, growing enrollment numbers made it difficult to appropriately accomodate students at grade-exclusive elementary campuses. The academic and logistic implications of this elementary pattern motivated the Board of Trustees to pursue the reconfiguration and Attendance Zoning of elementary campuses that we know today to merge 1st-5th grade for all Crosby ISD students.  Since 2016-2017, the following campuses service the children of Crosby ISD:



    * Students attend only ONE 1st-5th grade elementary campus based on their designated attendance zone.

    Despite the challenges of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and the financial issues of 2018-2019, strong academic programs, exceptional facilities, a rebound in the district's financial health, and a strong district-community partnership have contributed to a steady increase in student enrollment.  The time has come to make some changes that will help us continue to improve the educational environment for our students by Rezoning to establish new Attendance Zones and reconfiguring all elementary campuses to PreK-5th grade campuses. The following reconfiguration would be proposed to take effect in the 2020-2021 school year:


    In 2019-2021 we will work diligently to seek feedback from all stakeholders and establish new Attendance Zones to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year.  We are excited to begin this process as it symbolizes the strength of our district and community to overcome obstacles and continue to flourish! Please take a moment to read through some of the questions and answers found in the left navigation menu.