Cougar Excellence awards for November


Crosby, TX (November 13, 2023) - The Crosby ISD Board of Trustees awarded more than a dozen students, teachers, staff, and community members "Cougar Excellence" awards for November 2023. These awards celebrate those who show the values we cherish in Crosby: hard work, a sense of purpose, and achievement.


Students of the Month: Kasyn Motley (CKC); Alaina Bennett (NES); Jabara Williams (BES); Susan Escamilla (CES); Gabriel Cruz (DES); and Daniel Terrell (CHS).

From Crosby Kindergarten Center, 5-year-old Kasyn Motley. Principal Minor says Kasyn is a strong, caring, and dependable student. She is constantly going above and beyond to learn new skills and concepts. She loves helping friends and has even been known to give up her recess to help friends understand concepts.  She goes out of her way to make all students feel special and included. She's just as strong on the softball field as she is in Kindergarten. We love having Kasyn at CKC!

From Newport Elementary, Alaina Bennett. Principal Price says Alaina is smart, studious, and the epitome of politeness. Though only in the 5th grade, she has a quiet strength that has a way of calming those around her. It is truly a joy to watch her walk through the halls influencing her friends and peers in a positive way. She goes above and beyond to represent herself, her family, and NES well every day.

From Barrett Elementary, 4th grader Jabara Williams. Principal Ornelas says Jabara demonstrates integrity and diligence on a daily basis, as he does everything with the utmost thought and reasoning. He is exceptionally behaved, is a role model to other students, and treats all peers with respect and kindness. In addition, Jabara pays attention to instruction and absorbs all he can to produce work of high caliber. Once he masters a concept, he eagerly tutors any struggling classmates. Jabara is a wonderful example of Cougar Excellence, and we are proud to have him at BES!

From Crosby Elementary, 6-year-old Susan Escamilla. CES is delighted to recognize an outstanding first-grade student who embodies the very essence of kindness, helpfulness, and a bright spirit who never fails to bring joy to our school. Principal Kratky-Fox says Susan’s cheerful demeanor and kindness has made a significant impact on her peers and teachers. Not only does this young lady exhibit a constant willingness to assist others, but she consistently makes exceptional choices, demonstrates her ROARing character and has a positive influence on her classmates. It is an honor to acknowledge Susan for her remarkable qualities and contributions to our school, and we look forward to watching her continued growth and success at CES.

From Drew Elementary, 5th grader Gabriel Cruz. Principal Tisdom says Gabriel is  an exceptional and well-rounded student who goes above and beyond to help his peers, including younger students. His willingness to assist even the little 2nd graders with their reading is truly commendable. Students like Gabriel contribute positively to the school community and play a significant role in fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. It's clear that he is dedicated to his education and making a difference in the lives of others. He serves as an excellent example of a responsible and caring student at DES.

Student of the Month: Cameron Glover (CMS).

From Crosby Middle School, 7th grader Cameron Glover. Principal Lozano says Cameron exemplifies Cougar Pride through his commitment to Punctuality, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence (PRIDE). As a leader, he stands out for being kind, courteous, well-mannered, and exceptionally intelligent. Cameron's disciplined and hardworking approach and commitment to leading by example make him an invaluable asset to the school community.

From Crosby High School, senior Daniel Terrell. Daniel is a senior honors student at CHS and a member of the Student Council. Daniel has shown exemplary leadership skills as he excels in the classroom. He donates his time to community events and school activities with a smile on his face. He is the exemplar for all students at CHS and is a shining example of the Cougar Way. Daniel can be seen helping staff members tidy up their classrooms before leaving class and helping pick up trash in the cafeteria after lunch. All of his teachers mentioned he is an ideal student in the classroom. They all said that he has a bright future ahead of him. Daniel represents the Portrait of a Graduate for CHS and we can't wait to see what the future holds for him.


Teachers of the Month: Ms. Adriana Ramirez (CKC); Ms. Fabiola Cruz (NES); Ms. Sherri Brown (BES); Ms. Demi Towler (CES); Mr. Corbett Thompson (CHS); and Mr. Mark Guillory (CMS). Not pictured: Ms. Ciara Lohman (DES).

From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Ms. Adriana Ramirez. Principal Minor says Ms. Ramirez has risen to the call. She has embraced the role of team leader as well as taken on leadership roles on and off campus. She serves our students and families as our McKinney Vento liaison. She has found ways to build relationships with all students and they love her spunkiness. She volunteers her time for campus/district events and doesn't hesitate to be there for her CKC family when she is needed. Mrs. Ramirez is well on her way to becoming a leader in CISD.

From Newport Elementary, Ms. Fabiola Cruz. Principal Price says Ms. Cruz is the definition of passionate.  As a bilingual interventionist, she is always looking for ways to best serve her students and her fellow peers. She frequently attends conferences and trainings and shares what she has learned with others. Mrs. Cruz is a mentor, a coach, and a valuable member of the NES family. 

From Barrett Elementary, Ms. Sherri Brown. Principal Ornelas says Ms. Brown is a source of motivation and inspiration to all of us at BES. To say Ms. Brown is one of the kindest teachers is an understatement. As a dedicated educator, Ms. Brown is an avid advocate for student learning, as she collaborates with her fellow teachers to ensure student’s needs are identified and services are provided. Ms. Brown is also an unwavering source of support to her colleagues. She provides mentorship and guidance to new teachers to BES and provides administration support so we can collectively meet our campus vision. Ms. Brown is an extraordinary campus leader who is committed to making BES a successful school. Thank you, Ms. Brown for your excellence.

From Crosby Elementary, Ms. Demi Towler. Ms. Towler is a second-grade math teacher who stands out for her exceptional ability to form strong and nurturing relationships with her students, creating a warm and welcoming learning environment that fosters growth and success. Principal Kratky-Fox says Ms. Towler is a valuable asset to her CES team, continuously bringing fresh and innovative ideas to planning, which elevates the entire group's teaching strategies and curriculum. She consistently asks thought-provoking questions, inspiring her colleagues and students to think critically and be engaging. Her commitment to data-driven instruction shines through as she works tirelessly with small groups, tailoring her lessons to meet each student's unique needs, all while maintaining a positive and encouraging atmosphere in her classroom.

From Drew Elementary, Ms. Ciara Lohman. Ms. Lohman is a dedicated and passionate educator who goes above and beyond for her students. Principal Tisdom says it’s evident that she loves her role as a teacher, and her commitment to her students' success is unwavering. She understands that each student has unique needs and is not afraid to seek out the resources and assistance necessary to ensure their academic and personal growth. The students, parents, and fellow educators at Drew Elementary are fortunate to have Ms. Lohman as a part of their school community.

From Crosby Middle School, Mr. Mark Guillory. Mr. Guillory embodies unwavering commitment, ensuring that his students, including those with special needs, receive the utmost attention to their social and academic requirements. His dedication to their well-being and academic growth is genuinely commendable. This positive attitude extends beyond the classroom and is evident as he walks through the hallways, contributing to a positive and supportive school environment for students and colleagues! Crosby Middle School is thankful to Mr. Guillory, as you are a true asset to our campus, students, and the families you work closely with to ensure their children are in the best care. 

From Crosby High School, Mr. Corbett Thompson. Mr. Thompson is a 9-year veteran in education, and he has spent 9 years here in CISD. Corbett has excelled in the classroom as a teacher, and he is also the sponsor for our very successful Bass Club! Mr. Thompson literally teaches teachers. He teaches all of our courses to CHS students who are graduating in the Teaching and Training Career Pathway. He teaches the beginner Principles of Education, and he teaches the upper-level Practicum in Education and Training classes with the same focus and energy. Mr. Thompson's students travel to the elementary campuses where they are in the classrooms learning to become a future educator.  He is leading many of our students into the noble profession of education, and he is doing it with class and dignity. Bass Club members also rave about how helpful he is and how he is always there to lend a hand and help them with all of their needs. Mr. Thompson continues to make a positive impact on the lives and learning of our Cougar students and he is an ideal candidate for the Cougar Excellence Award. 


Paraprofessional of the Month: Ms. Terri Glover (BES).

This month’s paraprofessional of the Month is Ms. Terri Glover. Ms. Glover is an outstanding staff member who is committed to the success of Barrett Elementary. Everyday she gives her best so that everyone has what they need so the campus runs successfully. Principal Ornelas says she has a servant heart, and there is no task she will not handle. The BES admin team, teachers, staff, parents, and students depend on her, and she delivers every day. Terri Glover is the glue that holds Barrett Elementary together. Ms. Glover, thank  you for being the person that you are, and for taking such care of our campus. Barrett is lucky to have you on board! 


Community Members of the Month: Kids Hope USA volunteer-mentors.

Volunteers with Kids Hope USA are the Community Members of the Month. They are a team of mentors who spend one hour each week one-on-one with a student at Barrett Elementary. Watch the video below to see how their impact will last a lifetime. Thank you to Kids Hope Mentors.


Each month, HEB generously donates a $25 gift card to our students of the month. Chick-fil-A of Crosby also donates a prize pack for our students, teachers and paraprofessional of the month.

This year, each student of the month receives a yard sign courtesy of Wendy's and Oberoi Holdings. We want our entire community and neighbors to know the great work these students are doing in our District.