Kindergarten Students Bury Bicentennial Time Capsule

Crosby, TX (February 1, 2024) - Crosby Kindergarten Center students helped bury a bicentennial time capsule today.

The time capsule is part of the official Crosby Bicentennial Celebration marking Crosby's 200th birthday. Crosby was founded in 1823, making it one of the oldest towns in Texas.

The 2023 celebration included the largest parade in Crosby's history. The time capsule installation today capped the year-long celebration.


Donna Davenport, a board member of the Crosby Historical Society, told the kindergarten students, "You are our future!" Mrs. Davenport pointed out that these students will be 55 years old when the time capsule is to be opened in 2073.

Crosby ISD Superintendent Patterson added, "I love the fact that our kindergartners are here. My hope is that they are here in 50 years and can come back and bring their grandchildren. Thank you to the historical society for doing a great job. I know how much work goes into not only collecting history but celebrating it. So, thank you for celebrating our history and the work that you do."

The Crosby Historical Society chose the following items to place in the 2023 time capsule:

  • Flyer for the time capsule event
  • Crosby Bicentennial flag
  • COVID-19 test
  • iPhone
  • Bible
  • Jar of pecans from original Crosby pecan orchardss
  • 2023 List of Crosby Historical Society Board members
  • 2023 List of Crosby ISD Board of Trustees
  • 2023 List of Crosby ISD Schools and Administrators
  • 2023 List of Crosby High School graduates
  • 2023 coin
  • Menu from a local restaurant
  • Copy of the Crosby Star-Courier newspaper's special Bicentennial edition.

The time capsule was buried in the yard just outside the Crosby Historical Museum, across Runneburg Road from the Crosby Kindergarten Center. There are several time capsules buried there, including one due to be opened in 2036.