Cougar Excellence Awards for February

Crosby, TX (February 27, 2024) - The Crosby ISD Board of Trustees awarded more than a dozen students, teachers, staff, and community members "Cougar Excellence" awards for February 2024. These awards celebrate those who show the values we cherish in Crosby: hard work, a sense of purpose, and achievement.


First from Crosby Kindergarten Center, Amy Hernandez. Amy is a Pre-K Bilingual student in Ms. Figley’s class. Principal Minor says Amy is an excellent student who comes to school with a big smile on her face every day. She is always ready to learn new things. She is motivated and works hard learning both Spanish and English.  Amy loves to help her classmates and Ms. Figley. We are so excited to see what wonderful things Amy will accomplish in the future.

From Newport Elementary, third grader Derek Turrubiartes. Principal Price says it is truly hard to find words that adequately describe the wonder that is Derek, but I'll start by saying that he is simply delightful. Derek's personality illuminates every room he enters. He is kind, respectful, and hilarious. Derek eats his lunch in the office every day and when he enters the room, everyone walks out of their office to talk to him.  He has a gift of pulling the sunshine out of any situation and making friends wherever he goes. Along with being a kind person, he is also a talented artist. Derek creates the most well-designed comic strips that I have seen by someone his age. One day he will be known worldwide for his gifts, and I can't wait to say, "Hey, I know him"!

From Barrett Elementary, third grader Emma Roscom. Principal Ornelas says Emma stands out as a beacon of sweetness and hard work. With a laser-like focus, Emma tackles every task, effortlessly rising above challenges. Always ready to lend a hand, she becomes the go-to person for her classmates. Her words are like little boosts of motivation, uplifting those around her. Emma’s personality is a shining light that brightens every space she walks into. We are so proud of you, Emma!

From Crosby Elementary, Alania Jones. Alania is a 5th grade student at CES. Principal Kratky-Fox says she is the most kind and thoughtful person. Alania makes sure everyone is always included and feels comfortable. Because of this, she has been working closely with our counselor to promote our “Hey! Day” kindness campaign, including passing out affirmations to students on Wednesday mornings so that everyone starts their day off with positivity. Alania's teachers say that she works extremely hard in class and always strives to do her very best. Alania says that she wants to be a teacher when she is older, so she can help others. She's funny and sweet, and we are lucky to have her in our class and our lives. CES is excited to see what the future holds for this young lady.

From Drew Elementary, Kindergartener Trinity Ayers. We are delighted to announce Trinity as the Drew Student of the Month. She’s a shining star in her kindergarten class at Drew Elementary. Despite her young age, Trinity exhibits remarkable leadership qualities, effortlessly running the classroom with the poise and confidence of a seasoned teacher. Principal Tisdom says her innate understanding of classroom expectations is commendable, and she takes it upon herself to ensure that her peers follow suit. With such remarkable qualities, it wouldn't be surprising if Trinity one day became a teacher herself. She truly stands out as one of our beloved Drew students, leaving an indelible mark on our school community.

From Crosby Middle School, 6th grader Liam Gilshenan. Principal Lozano says Liam exemplifies all the qualities of a great student. He is self-motivated to go above and beyond what is expected. His kind and respectful mannerisms make him a true joy in the classroom. And get this, Liam is a returning student of the month. In September 2022, Liam was the student of the month from Barrett Elementary when he was in 5th grade. He’s only proving himself more and more at CMS. Way to go, Liam!

From Crosby High School, Kaitlyn Daniels. Kaitlyn is a junior at Crosby High School. Principal Hadnot says Kaitlyn is an exceptional student. She excels in her advanced courses, maintaining straight A's. Kaitlyn is also actively involved in basketball. Not only does she demonstrate strong academic performance, but she also possesses a calm demeanor and exhibits an excellent character, embodying the spirit of a cougar at Crosby High School. Katie is going places, and we can't wait to see what the future holds. It is with full pleasure that we award Kaitlyn Daniels one of our student Cougar Excellence Awards.


From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Ms. Jordan Sparks. Ms. Sparks is a proud Crosby ISD graduate and current kindergarten teacher. She is the grade level chair and dedicates herself to being the voice for our teachers. Principal Minor says this is her second year taking on this leadership role, and she has done it with poise. She does not shy away from a challenge or try something new. This school year, she has made it her mission to support a visually impaired student in her class. She has learned how to accommodate this student and learned how to convert assignments into Braille for the student to begin to learn how to read. She serves on the Elementary Teacher Advisory Committee as well as serves on the Crosby Education Foundation. Mrs. Sparks is also committed to safety as she is a longtime member of our Code Adam team. Her kindness and service extends beyond the walls of CKC. She was nominated as a leading lady for the Crosby Huffman area. She is a former Sunday school teacher at a local church and is a youth soccer coach with the Crosby Youth Soccer League, where she continues working with kids even after giving 110% at CKC. There is no one more deserving of this month's Cougar Excellence award than our very own Ms. Jordan Sparks.

From Newport Elementary, Ms. Cindy Herrera. Principal Price says Ms. Herrera is a passionate teacher who is always looking for ways to improve herself and those around her. In her time at NES, she has created opportunities to celebrate bilingual education, developed ideas to improve parent engagement, and spearheaded projects that have inspired creativity among students. One of her most exciting projects is Que Rico, a cooking class that teaches students how to create multicultural dishes. When Mrs. Mrs. Herrera is not inspiring future chefs, she can be found working to obtain her master's in educational leadership. She is truly a change maker, and I can't wait to see the ripple she makes on the education world. 

From Barrett Elementary, Ms. Deidre JohnBaptiste. Principal Ornelas says Ms. JohnBaptiste became a valued member of our BES family this year, and within just a few months, she has left a positive mark on both our students and teachers. Her presence exemplifies an extraordinary commitment to the success of all students within Crosby ISD. Additionally, she is devoted to fostering the professional growth of her colleagues, actively assisting them in reaching excellence. Serving as a lead teacher, Ms. JohnBaptiste plays a crucial role in guiding her team through the PLC process, implementing strategies such as team huddles and bite-sized professional development sessions. Furthermore, she showcased her expertise at Cougar-Con, addressing teachers district-wide, and is slated to represent Crosby ISD as a presenter at the upcoming Spring Conference for “The Texas Council of Women School Executives.” We are blessed to have a dedicated teacher on our campus! Way to exemplify excellence, Ms. JohnBaptiste!

From Crosby Elementary, Ms. Emily Armstrong. As a former CISD graduate, CES’s teacher of the month embodies the definition of a portrait of a graduate by being service-minded, kind and goal-oriented. Ms. Armstrong is being recognized for her exceptional dedication and contributions to our school community. This year, she received the Marathon Oil’s Unconventional Thinking in Teaching Grant for $2500, allowing her to acquire much-needed science materials for her third-grade class, enhancing the learning experience of her students. Ms. Armstrong's passion for education goes beyond the classroom, as she organized and brought the Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept to campus to teach students about fire prevention and safety in the Month of October. In January, she invited the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Agriculture Committee to our campus, providing engaging experiences for 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students. As the team lead for science lessons, she continues to inspire and lead her fellow educators. Ms. Armstrong also received a grant from the Crosby Education Foundation to install a campus book vending machine, ensuring a constant supply of reading materials for our eager readers. Principal Kratky-Fox says her commitment to fostering a positive school environment extends to the cafeteria, where she enjoys lunch with her students every week as a special incentive. Beyond the school walls, Mrs. Armstrong generously volunteers her time with the Crosby Volunteer Fire Department as the President of the Ladies Auxiliary, she served on the Crosby Bicentennial Committee, sponsors CES students in Bleacher Creatures, is a HLSR Committee member, and is a member of the Crosby Alumni Association showcasing her deep connection to the community. Her Crosby pride shines through in her dedication to family, friends, community, and her students. Ms. Armstrong is a true inspiration, and we are fortunate to have her as an integral part of our school family.

From Drew Elementary, Ms. Shelia Dennis. Principal Tisdom says Ms. Dennis has quickly become a beloved figure on our campus. In a short span, she has exceeded our expectations with her remarkable ability to connect with even the most challenging students. Her classes are a perfect blend of interactive activities and thoughtful discussions, making learning not only easy but also incredibly enjoyable. What sets her apart is the genuine care she extends to each student, creating a supportive and inclusive environment. Ms. Dennis's classroom is not just a place of education; it's a haven of joy, complete with yummy treats that add an extra layer of excitement to the learning experience. We are fortunate that Ms. Dennis is part of our school community, and her impact is truly immeasurable.

From Crosby Middle School, Ms. Mona Bell. Ms. Bell is our new Special Education teacher and Department Chair, and she has excelled in her role at Crosby Middle School. Principal Lozano says she goes above and beyond to ensure that the needs of both students and parents are met while also providing teachers with the support they need to be successful in the classroom. Ms. Bell always maintains a positive attitude and leads her team in the right direction! Thank you for all you do!

From Crosby High School, Lieutenant Colonel Troy Reeves and Sergeant Allen Rollins. These two veterans are known for their timeliness and adherence to rules and regulations. Principal Hadnot says the entire Crosby High School community greatly relies on their dedication not only to our campus but also for district events. Their representation of our JROTC Department is exemplary. Every three years, the army sends federal inspectors to evaluate our entire program. This includes inspecting the program itself, the cadets, and the instructors. The inspection took place on January 31, 2024. Units that achieve a score of 96 - 100% receive the highest rating and are designated as an honor unit with distinction. We are proud to announce that we received a score of 98% and have earned the honor unit with distinction (HUD) designation. With the utmost respect, we honor Lieutenant Colonel Reeves and Sergeant Rollins for the Cougar Excellence Award.


This month’s paraprofessional of the Month is Ms. Tiffany Randall from Crosby Kindergarten Center. Ms. Randall is the library aide at CKC. Principal Minor says she is a go-getter who is not afraid to help and lend a hand where needed. She always brings new ideas to the table. Her work on the yearbook each year is exceptional. Her work ethic is like none other. Students enjoy going to the library and are well on their way to becoming eager readers. She welcomes our Pre-K students each day as they get off the bus and sends them on their way with a smile.  CKC appreciates all that Mrs. Randall does for our campus. 


Finally, we want to recognize our community member for the month of February, which is Black History Month. This man’s picture graces the wall of this very boardroom.

In 1967, Mr. Wilbert Lee Eagleton won a seat on the Board of Trustees with about 370 votes. He had the poise, grace, talent, and determination to navigate running for and sitting on the Board of Trustees during turbulent times. His story is Crosby ISD history.



Each month, HEB generously donates a $25 gift card to our students of the month. Chick-fil-A of Crosby also donates a prize pack for our students, teachers and paraprofessional of the month.

This year, each student of the month receives a yard sign courtesy of Wendy's and Oberoi Holdings. We want our entire community and neighbors to know the great work these students are doing in our district.