Cougar Excellence Awards for March

Crosby, TX (March 19, 2024) - The Crosby ISD Board of Trustees awarded more than a dozen students, teachers, staff, and community members "Cougar Excellence" awards for March 2024. These awards celebrate those who show the values we cherish in Crosby: hard work, a sense of purpose, and achievement.


From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Pre-K student James Winston. James is a proud member of the Class of 2037. Principal Minor says James touches the hearts of all who get to know him. He is full of love and compassion for everyone he meets. As he walks in from the bus in the morning, he stops to pass out hugs to everyone. He especially looks forward to greeting teachers. He is a young man of few words but has a hug and heart for everyone. If someone is hurt or sad, he is the first to show concern and try to console them. It is moving to see a child with such a sweet and tender heart. James started PK knowing all of his letters, shapes, and many numbers. He quickly grasped all the letter sounds. He takes on responsibility in the classroom and passes out lunch kits. He is an excellent line leader too! The changes we've seen from August to now have been profound. You can see the pride he has in his own growth, pride that is well deserved. CKC is proud of “King James!”

From Newport Elementary, Mia Gonzalez. Principal Price says Mia is the perfect candidate for the Cougar Excellence Award. She is a bubbly cheerleader, an active member of the "Hey...Cougar Positive Committee," and a talented actress. Mia's vibrant personality has illuminated every hallway and classroom. She is not only a cool person, but an advocate for herself and others. It is truly hard to believe that she is in the 5th grade, but it has been a joy to witness her transform from a spirited 1st grader to a remarkable young lady. Though we would love to keep her at NES forever, we can't wait to see where that little butterfly lands. Congratulations Mia, you deserve it!

From Barrett Elementary, 2nd grader Julio Delgado. Julio is a student who is eager to learn every day. Principal Ornelas says he is self-motivated, and can effectively manage his time and prioritize his tasks. He can set goals for himself and work towards achieving them. Julio respects his classmates and teachers and is willing to help others when needed. He is dedicated to his studies and is constantly striving to improve himself academically. Julio is curious and asks questions to deepen his understanding of a subject. He possesses a high degree of resilience and is able to persevere through challenges and setbacks. He does not give up easily and can find ways to overcome obstacles. Julio Delgado is someone who is dedicated to his education and is constantly striving to improve himself academically and personally. We are so proud of you Julio!

From Crosby Elementary, Kamryn French. Kamryn is a 4th grade student who comes to school every day with a bright and contagious smile on her face. Principal Kratky-Fox says she is a student that possesses many qualities of a leader and role model for her peers. Kamryn is always willing to give an extra hand to her classmates and teachers. She represents a star student by showing kindness, respect, and integrity daily. Her teachers couldn’t say enough great things about Kamryn, and they know her future is bright.

From Drew Elementary, 5th grader Anthony Pichardo. Principal Tisdom says Anthony radiates responsibility and hard work in every aspect of his academic journey. His relentless dedication to his studies has not gone unnoticed, as he consistently brings a positive attitude and a beaming smile to the school every day. What truly sets Anthony apart is his admirable refusal to give up—facing challenges with determination and an unwavering work ethic. His resilience serves as an inspiration to both peers and educators alike. Anthony Pichardo is not just a student; he is a shining example of commitment, tenacity, and a source of pride for our school community. We are privileged to have such an outstanding individual among us. 

From Crosby Middle School, Jesse Peraza Lopez. An outstanding 8th-grade student, Jesse exemplifies responsibility, good manners, and respect. As he transitions to high school, his role as a student leader will be missed at Crosby Middle School. Principal Lozano says Jesse adeptly manages academics, band, and athletics, embodying the school's mission of kindness, goal orientation, and service-mindedness. He is a great Cougar role model for all students! 

From Crosby High School, 10th grader Kayleigh Bowling. Principal Hadnot says Kayleigh excels in the classroom and the arena! Kayleigh has chosen health science as her program of study at CHS. She has excellent grades, and she participates in several extracurricular activities, including volleyball and powerlifting! In February, Kayleigh competed in the Texas High School Girls’ Powerlifting Region 4 Championships. She finished in 2nd place, a silver medal, in Regionals. This weekend, she placed 13th in the State finals in Frisco. We are so proud of Kayleigh and all of her accomplishments- she is a shooting star as an underclassman and still has 2 more years to capture that state powerlifting title and bring it home to Crosby ISD!


From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Ms. Dana Northern. Ms. Northern is an interventionist and so much more at CKC. She supports her colleagues and students in any way she can. This year, Ms. Northern's expertise assisted in helping implement the way Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers report progress to parents. She craves professional development and attends sessions with an open mind and energetic spirit, even if that means giving up a beautiful Saturday. She was eager to present at Cougar Con this year and looked forward to growing other educators in disaggregating data and using the information to make informed instructional decisions.  She is a team player who is positive and has a can-do attitude. She is always up for a dance or photo op and her youthful smile is sure to brighten your day! CKC is proud to have Ms. Northern as the March Cougar Excellence recipient.

From Newport Elementary, Ms. Rhonda Barrett. Principal Price says Ms. Barrett is consistently excellent. Regardless of when you walk by her room she is teaching with a zeal that is not only inspirational but contagious. Though quiet in speech and demeanor her instruction transforms classrooms and the lives of students daily. With 20 years of experience, she has a wealth of knowledge and ideas that she shares with new teachers freely, helping to foster a collaborative and supportive environment within our school community. Most recently, Mrs. Barrett even shared her brilliance at CougarCon, showcasing the importance of para/teacher collaboration. Quoting Principa Price, “To say that I am proud of her is4 an understatement, and I am excited to see how she continues to impact the world of education.”

From Barrett Elementary, Ms. Alana Barahona. Ms. Barahona is an outstanding teacher who strives to help our students succeed academically and socially. She currently serves as a third-grade bilingual teacher, and her commitment to our dual language students is commendable. Principal Orneleas says Ms. Barahona goes above and beyond to create a supportive and engaging learning environment where every student is empowered to achieve more. Anytime you walk into her class, students are highly engaged in learning. Students are motivated to learn. Ms. Barahona co-sponsors the Coding Club after school to help students with STEM activities. She truly has a heart for teaching. Ms. Barahona, you are definitely an example of excellence. Thank you for your dedication to our third graders at BES!

From Crosby Elementary, Ms. Brianna Denmon. With just two years of teaching experience, Ms. Denmon has already made an unforgettable mark on the CES community. As a passionate fourth-grade educator, she brings joy and enthusiasm into her classroom each day. Beyond her role in academics, Ms. Denmon's dedication shines through her leadership as the sponsor of the beloved CES Garden Club, where she fosters a love for nature among our students. She has even been heard calling her students “my beans,” because she knows that they are sprouting and growing each day. Principal Kratky-Fox says her commitment to restorative practices enriches the school culture, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all. Mrs. Denmon always provides a safe zone in her class for her students to express their creativity and share their knowledge.  Her infectious smile brightens our halls, reflecting her genuine love for teaching math and science. Her efforts in engaging the community to support initiatives like creating garden beds at CES show her innovative and collaborative spirit. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Denmon for this well-deserved recognition!

From Drew Elementary, Ms. Jessica Lugo. Principal Tisdom says Ms. Lugo is a captivating blend of modesty and vibrant enthusiasm. Though she may initially come across as shy, her science lessons reveal a teacher brimming with life and passion for her subject. Students eagerly anticipate her classes, drawn by the dynamic energy she injects into each lesson. Ms. Lugo's dedication to her craft is evident in the meticulous effort she invests in lesson planning and delivery, ensuring that her students not only grasp complex scientific concepts but also develop a genuine love for learning. What truly sets Ms. Lugo apart is her remarkable flexibility in handling challenges that may arise. She navigates unforeseen obstacles with grace, adapting her teaching methods to best serve her students' needs. Ms. Lugo's commitment extends beyond the classroom, as she collaborates seamlessly with her peers, fostering a supportive environment within the school community. Her unwavering determination to help students achieve their academic goals and her collaborative spirit make Ms. Lugo an exceptional educator who leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those she teaches.

From Crosby Middle School, Ms. Tene Brown. Ms. Brown consistently brings enthusiasm and engagement to her 8th-grade social studies classes. Principal Lozano says she infuses her lessons with a personal touch, making learning enjoyable and interactive. Tene's commitment to student learning is evident through her prompt feedback, which includes praise and prizes, ensuring continuous student engagement. Beyond the classroom, she actively builds relationships with students in the classroom and various school settings. Tene Brown's approach exemplifies dedication and creativity in making social studies a vibrant and memorable experience for her students! We are thankful to all Ms. Brown does at Crosby Middle School!

From Crosby High School, Ms. Alison Porter. Ms. Porter is Crosby High School's English II On-Level and Honors teacher as well as the English II Team Leader. Principal Hadnot says Mrs.  Porter goes above and beyond in her classroom. She mindfully creates lessons that are TEKS centered, but also engaging and challenging for students. She is constantly implementing new lessons with new books and curriculum that excite students, and she curates lessons that are most engaging. She also works hard to raise staff morale and create a positive culture for both teachers and students. To create “community building” and comradery for the teachers, she recently created a Staff Shout Out board in the workroom. Staff members share positive messages about other staff members and post them on the board for all to see.  She shows consistency and a great attitude as she represents our EPIC culture here at CHS!


This month’s paraprofessional of the Month is Ms. Pilar Quijada from Newport Elementary.  Principal Price says Ms. Pilar is always striving for excellence. As the lead custodian at Newport, she goes above and beyond to make sure that the students and the teachers walk into a clean environment. She takes great pride in her work, and she inspires others to do the same. Principal Price says she is a hidden gem at NES, and we are all thankful for her diligence. Ms. Pilar serves with her heart. She works beyond what is required of her to ensure that NES is immaculate, but Mrs. Pilar doesn't just take care of the building; she takes care of every staff member in the building. Your Newport family loves you!


Finally, the Board of Trustees recognized our community member for the month of March. We're honoring the first woman to serve on the Crosby ISD Board of Trustees. March is Women’s History Month, and as you’re about to see, Mrs. Elsie Luquette helped Crosby ISD move forward into the future at the dawn of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Watch Mrs. Luquette's story below:



Each month, HEB generously donates a $25 gift card to our students of the month. Chick-fil-A of Crosby also donates a prize pack for our students, teachers and paraprofessional of the month.

This year, each student of the month receives a yard sign courtesy of Wendy's and Oberoi Holdings. We want our entire community and neighbors to know the great work these students are doing in our district.