Cougar Excellence Awards for April

Crosby, TX (April 15, 2024) - The Crosby ISD Board of Trustees awarded more than a dozen students, teachers, staff, and community members "Cougar Excellence" awards for April 2024. These awards celebrate those who show the values we cherish in Crosby: hard work, a sense of purpose, and achievement.


From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Charley Wilson. Principal Minor says Charley is the epitome of an excellent cougar. Charley is smart, brave, and always willing to help when she can. Charley is outspoken in the best way and is wise beyond her years. She has a hunger to develop and grow up academically. Charley shows diligence and perseverance each day in the classroom. Crosby ISD has a future author, mathematician, or president on their hands with Miss Charley Wilson!

From Newport Elementary, Mia Gonzalez. Principal Price says Mia is one of a kind! She is a bright 2nd grader who illuminates every room she enters with her smile and witty personality. She comes to school every day excited about learning and making new memories with friends and teachers. Though Mia is known for her sweet personality, she is also one smart cookie. This year Mia placed 3rd in Newport Elementary’s very first science fair, competing with students from various grade levels. Her bronze medal is just a tiny reflection of her brilliance and everyone at NES can't wait to see how she will continue to showcase her many talents. 

From Barrett Elementary, kindergarten student Ella Blanscet. Principal Ornelas says Ella is an exceptional student who demonstrates academic excellence every day in Mrs. Contreras’ class. She sets personal goals that help her grow into a great reader and mathematician.  Even though she is young, she has a strong work ethic and a positive attitude toward learning. She listens well and eagerly shares her thoughts in class discussions. Ella is always willing to take on feedback to improve her knowledge of all her subjects. She is also kind, a positive influence on her peers, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Ella reminds her friends to stay on task and to work as a team. She is very conscious of other students' feelings and is very respectful to them. Ella is an outstanding example of Cougar Excellence. We are proud of you, Ella!! 

From Crosby Elementary, 2nd grader David Ing. Principal Kratky-Fox says David is a wonderful student. It's heartwarming to hear Mrs. Oney speak about his hardworking nature, kindness, and sense of responsibility at such a young age. Mrs. Oney shared David's efforts in the classroom to support his learning and the learning of others. It's evident that David's thoughtful actions contribute positively to the classroom environment, making it a better place for everyone. It's essential to acknowledge and celebrate students like David who demonstrate empathy, diligence, and a willingness to lend a helping hand. With such qualities, David is not only excelling academically but also shaping himself into a compassionate and responsible individual.

From Drew Elementary, 4th grader Abbie Pollard. Principal Tisdom says Abbie embodies the essence of excellence in both attitude and academics. She consistently demonstrates a remarkable attitude in the classroom, uplifting her peers with her positivity and enthusiasm. Abbie is not only a stellar student but also an exceptional classmate, always willing to lend a helping hand and support her peers in their academic endeavors. Her well-rounded nature shines through in her participation in various school activities and her commitment to maintaining a balanced academic and extracurricular schedule. Additionally, we are grateful for the invaluable support of her father, Mr. Pollard, who serves as an active watchdog, contributing his time and effort to the school community whenever needed. Abbie's dedication, positivity, and the supportive environment fostered by her family are truly commendable and serve as an inspiration to us all.

From Crosby Middle School, 8th grader Kenadi Bias.  Principal Lozano says Kenadi consistently embodies exemplary communication, leadership, and helpfulness both among her peers and toward staff. Her contributions extend to assisting in the school office, ensuring tasks are promptly attended to, and her diligent efforts shine through in the classroom. Kenadi's commitment to embodying the skills outlined in our portrait of a graduate is evident in her daily actions, reflecting all five critical attributes. We are grateful for her warm demeanor and unwavering helpfulness, which positively impact the Crosby Middle School community!

From Crosby High School, senior Madison Dorsey. Madison is a returning champion! She was named student of the month when she was a junior, in February 2023. This year, Madison is a senior AP honor student at CHS, and she leads the Cougar Stars dance team. Principal Hadnot says Madison has shown exemplary leadership skills as she excels both in dance and the classroom. She is a master technician in dance and also a master student. Madison was just announced as a Distinguished Scholar or a member of the Top 5% student in the class of 2024! She plans to continue shining in both aspects, academics and dance, at the collegiate level! Madison has been a model student and reflects all the traits within the CISD Portrait of a Graduate! Madison has ECLIPSED all expectations! She personifies the Cougar Way and Cougar Excellence!


From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Ms. Linda De La Rosa. Ms. De La Rosa works as an interventionist at CKC. Principal Minor says she is a testament of hard work, has an unwavering commitment to our students and the CKC community, and always models exceptional leadership skills. She assists in improving teaching practices in the classroom by coaching teachers towards best practices. This year, she worked collaboratively with the team to assist the campus in improving the way we report progress to parents. She brings a wealth of knowledge to our bilingual team and works with them to create the best action plans for our students. Each morning, she assists our Pre-K students with teaching them skills such as opening their milk, eating responsibly in the cafeteria, and being Portraits of CISD graduates. She is always up for the next task and always gives 110%. CKC is blessed to have Ms. Linda De La Rosa as our Cougar Excellence recipient this month.

From Newport Elementary, Mrs. Michelle Ford. Principal Price says Mrs. Ford is the epitome of a first-grade teacher. She is kind, gentle, and one of the happiest educators you could ever meet. She leads her classroom every day with a tenderness that encourages even the shiest young learner to blossom. Though sweet, Mrs. Ford holds her students to high standards and expects them to rise to the occasion. It is truly a joy to watch as she guides her students to stretch beyond what they could imagine. Having said that, Mrs. Ford is also a leader among her peers. As a respected seasoned teacher, she has mentored others, modeled lessons, and even led PLCs to share her wealth of knowledge with her peers. Overall, Mrs. Ford is a jewel, and we are glad to have her at NES. 

From Barrett Elementary, 2nd grade teacher Ms. Kelvia Gueary.  Ms. Kelvia Gueary has a career spanning nearly four decades. She will retire in May. Of her 36 years in education, Ms. Gueary has spent 35 of those 36 years in Crosby ISD. She is a pillar at Barrett Elementary, serving as a leader within our staff and a voice of reason to our leadership team. With a wealth of experience and expertise, she demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to the academic and social growth of her students. She always has the highest expectations for every child that walks into her class. Ms. Gueary has a passion for fostering a love of learning and is leaving an indelible mark on students fortunate enough to have crossed her path -  at least 900 students through her career. Her tireless dedication to academic excellence has earned her the utmost respect and admiration from colleagues and students. Recently, former students came to visit Ms. Gueary at BES. It was amazing to see the students she impacted by shaping their minds and hearts and how she has left a long-lasting imprint in their lives. Ms. Gueary, we are grateful for your dedication to Barrett Elementary students. Happy retirement!

From Crosby Elementary, Mrs. Britny Cuellar. Mrs. Cuellar is an exceptional teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure her students' success not only academically but also in terms of character development. Principal Kratky-Fox says her commitment to providing concise instruction while maintaining high levels of student engagement is commendable. By not allowing any student to slack off or miss key concepts, she creates an environment where every student has the opportunity to thrive and excel. Furthermore, Mrs. Cuellar's incorporation of character instruction into her lessons demonstrates her holistic approach to education. By promoting etiquette, manners, respect, and kindness, she instills important values in her students that will serve them well beyond the classroom. Her dedication to mentoring the Starlettes team is another testament to her passion for nurturing well-rounded individuals. Her dedication and commitment to her students' success are truly inspiring.

From Drew Elementary, Ms. Jasmine Haynes. Principal Tisdom says Ms. Haynes epitomizes dedication and excellence in education. With unwavering commitment, she continually pushes her students to exceed their own expectations, fostering a belief in themselves. Through her steadfast encouragement and guidance, she has ignited a spark within her students, propelling them towards their fullest potential. Ms. Haynes' tireless efforts are evident in the tangible growth reflected in her academic data, a testament to her effectiveness as an educator. We are immensely proud of the strides her classes have made under her mentorship, and her impact resonates far beyond the classroom walls.

From Crosby Middle School, Mrs. Kaylea Herrera. Mrs. Herrera is an excellent 6th grade ELAR teacher who is highly dedicated to her work and ensures that every moment in the classroom is utilized effectively. She teaches her students to be accountable for their learning journey, empowering them to take charge of their progress. Ms. Herrera is collaborative and optimistic, fostering a supportive environment within her team and cultivating solid relationships with students and parents. As the CMS Student Council leader, she demonstrates exceptional leadership skills, guiding student leaders with poise and fostering a culture of responsibility. Ms. Herrera's impact extends beyond the school walls, making her an invaluable asset to Crosby Middle School!

From Crosby High School, Ms. Miranda Delome. Ms. Delome has been a shining star this year as she has tackled so many things for CHS. Miranda teaches Chemistry, is an Assistant Cheer Sponsor, as well as our Prom Sponsor, as well as one of our UIL Academics Science Team Sponsors! The same UIL Science team that recently won 1st Place in the District competition at Barbers Hill High School. They are headed to Regionals on April 27th. Ms. Delome juggles so many hats and does so with grace and class. Ms. Delome was recently voted by CHS staff as the Rising Star Teacher for the 23/24 school year. Principal Hadnot says “Ms. Delome is a rising star as bright as the sun prior to it being eclipsed by the moon!” We are so proud to have her as our CHS Cougar Excellence Award winner this month! 


Our paraprofessionals, child nutrition services staff, bus drivers, custodians, ground and maintenance teams work hard each day. This month, we are so proud to celebrate a member of our Transportation Department! Come on up, Ms. Esperanza Mendoza. Ms. Mendoza has been chosen for her amazing servant attitude! Transportation Director, Ms. Misti Mason, says Ms. Mendoza always goes above and beyond to support extra routes, assist buses that are running late, and take care of her colleagues. Her dedication and positive attitude shine through in everything she does. With her constant smile and energetic personality, she brings joy to both passengers and coworkers. We are so lucky to have Ms. Mendoza on our team! 


Finally, we want to recognize our community member for the month of April. She is a proud alumna of Crosby High School. As you’re about to see, Crystal Egorushkin wears a number of hats: business owner, chamber of commerce chairman, alumna, mom, wife, and a fantastic mentor for our current students. Watch her story here:





Each month, HEB generously donates a $25 gift card to our students of the month. Chick-fil-A of Crosby also donates a prize pack for our students, teachers and paraprofessional of the month.

This year, each student of the month receives a yard sign courtesy of Wendy's and Oberoi Holdings. We want our entire community and neighbors to know the great work these students are doing in our district.