• Technology 

  • As a Crosby ISD employee, before receiving a network account, you must go through the CISD Acceptable Use Regulation training. This training covers:

    1. Available network resources
    2. Appropriate use of your network resources, the Internet and your CISD email
    3. Email retention guidelines


    • Click on the link below to view the e-training.
      • Crosby ISD AUR 2011-2012

        To Go to the E-Course 
        1. Click on the Crosby ISD AUR 2011-2012 Link 
        2. Log into Eduphoria 
        3. Go to Workshop 
        4. Click on the Workshop tab on the left of the screen
        5. Click on the Technology icon at the bottom. 
        5. Click on the course (Example:  CHS Crosby ISD AUR 2010) 
        7. Click on the green plus sign at the top to register. 
        8. Answer ok that you want to register for the course. 
        9. Click on the Course Content Tab 
        10. Click on the View buttons next to each Chapter. 
        11. Go thru each chapter 
        12.Make sure you have a green check for each chapter in order to get credit 
        13. Take the test at the end 
        14. When you have 100% on the test print out the Signature Page from the Instructor Notes tab, sign and send to Kim Key. 
        (Interoffice Mail or in person at the tech building)
         15. Request credit after all of the course is completed by clicking the credit request at the top.

      • Tip Sheet: E Course Information for Credit!

    • After viewing the entire training, click this link to open the (Employee Internet Acceptable Use Regulation)
    • Read over the contents of the AUR .
    • Click this link to open and print a copy of the Signature Page.
      (All Employees need to have the e-training completed and signature page turned in by August 11 th, 2011)

    • Sign and return it to Kim Key, Technology Department using one of the following ways:
    Fax - 281-462-3167
    Drop off in person - Technology Department
    Interoffice Mail - sent to the Technology Department, Attention: Kim Key
  • Internet Resources

    Explain the internet resources available to the staff and describe the following:

    • Email
    • Grade book
    • Lesson Planner
    • Student Information System
    • Data Warehouse
    • Sub Finder