• Student Assistance Programs

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    Provide an overview of Curriculum/Minimum recommended credit requirements.

    Provide a list of guidance services and link to the corresponding student section or department, if applicable.Write an introduction explaining programs that are available to assist students before enrolling and after graduation. 

    Provide graduation information and include dates and locations.  Provide a contact for more information and link to high school sites, if applicable.


  • Lunch Programs

    Provide information for parents on free and reduced lunch programs that the district offers to assist students and families.

  • Scholarships

    Use this area to provide parents with listings of current or upcoming scholarships available for their children. Encourage parents to get involved early with their child's future. Include opportunities for:

    • Seniors
    • Juniors
    • Sophomores
    • Freshmen
    • Middle Schoolers

    In addition, your district may also want to provide links or information about State and Federal grants.

  • Provide military opportunities for post graduation.  If desired, place links to such military organizations as:

    • Army
    • Navy
    • Marines
    • Air Force