• Acceptable Use Guidelines

    As a Crosby ISD employee, before receiving a network account, you must go through the CISD Acceptable Use Guideline training. This training covers:

    1. Available network resources
    2. Appropriate use of your network resources, the Internet and your CISD email
    3. Email retention guidelines


    • Click on the link below to log into Eduphora and navigate to the Workshop.
    • Click on the Workshops tab and then on eCourses, under the "View Courses By Category" area. Find the course assigned to your campus and Click on it. To participate, you must click on the green "Register" button at the top of the window. Go through the module content in the site.
    • After you have viewed the content you must click the "Request Credit" button to recieve credit for viewing the content

      By taking this course you have agreed to all of the terms and conditions of the CISD AUG.