• Destruction of Records

     *** When packing boxes to send for destruction, please DO NOT use the HCDE boxes used to transfer records for storage.  Any box that can be closed with a lid is acceptable for documents that will be shredded.

     STEP 1   For end of year bulk shredding, use the Destruction Certificate Form to neatly print or type in the following information:

    • Client Name – Crosby ISD
    • Department – Ex: Crosby Middle School Attendance
    • Department/School Representative/Title – Please include both Name AND Title. Include Signature and Date. Your signature affirms that records have met their retention date and are ready for destruction.
    • Contents Description and Range You do not have to add one box per line. For example, if you have 7 boxes of 2018-2019 Student Attendance Records and 3 boxes of 2018-2019 Parent Notes .  You can fill in the following:
    • 4
    • Total Boxes Indicate the total number of boxes you are sending to for destruction.
    • Authorized for Destruction by: Your supervisor must sign the form and date it or your records will not be picked up.

    STEP 2   Scan the completed and signed Destruction Certificate to vkillion@crosbyisd.org.  Keep the original for your records.

    STEP 3   Make copies of your Destruction Certificate. You will need one copy for each destruction box.  So that we can easily count boxes, please carefully secure one destruction certificate per box with tape and using a dark marker, write on the certificate  the box number in the following format:  1 of 10  |  2 of 10  |  3 of 10 | etc. until you have labeled the last box  10 of 10.  See example below of how to mark the destruction certificate that will be placed on each box:



    STEP 4   DO NOT Schedule a work order with the Maintenance Dept. to have your destruction boxes picked up.  Viviana Killion will schedule the work order for pick up once documentation has been received and verified.

    IMPORTANT – Form must be completed and properly taped to each box.  Boxes that are not properly labeled will not be transferred.