• District Storage of Records and Site Visits

    District Records will be sent to HCDE for storage/shredding (disposition) only one time a year in June before Records Liaisons leave for summer break.  In the meantime, each campus/district department must ensure a suitable location to store boxes until the June disposition. Site visits for each campus and department will be conducted twice a year to ensure that district storage sites meet minimum compliance as required by the State.  Please review the below requirements:

    Storage Room Condition

    • Room is clean and free of trash
    • Storage area is adequate for amount of records being stored
    • Room is not used to house anything other than records
    • Storage room is accessible only by those with appropriate authorization.
    • Storage room is secured.

    Storage Room Safety

    • Free standing shelves are secure and stable
    • Heavy items are stored at a suitable height
    • Records are stored on shelves with very little, if any, overhang to avoid boxes falling
    • Storage room is adequately lit
    • Fire detection system is present

     Storage Boxes

    • HCDE Records Boxes are used to store records
    • Records that are to be shred may be stored in any box with a lid and appropriately labeled
    • Boxes are not stacked directly on the floor
    • There are no signs of damage to storage boxes such as water or rodent damage
    • Records are not exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat, moisture, steam or theft


    • Ensure that Records boxes have the appropriate information filled out on the side of the box.
    • Shred boxes must be appropriately labeled. Be sure to email a copy of the form to the district records management office at vkillion@crosbyisd.org
    • Organize the storage room so that storage boxes are in a separate area from shred boxes and the labels/box information are visible.
    • Repair or replace unsafe shelving.

    After each site visit, a report will be emailed to the location department head/principal (Custodians of Record) and each Records Liaison.