• CISD Substitutes

    Anyone interested in substituting for Crosby ISD, (Professionals, Para-Professionals and/or Auxiliary Personnel) will need to contact Rebeca Cruz at 281-328-9200 ext. 1233 in order to find status of accepting subs and/or to do paperwork.

  • ·General information for applicants:

    oCrosby ISD welcomes all qualified persons to apply to the district’s substitute list. Once accepted, substitutes will be contacted by a campus secretary. Please keep in mind that, by being added to the district’s substitute list, does not guarantee assignments. Substitutes are contacted on an as-needed-basis.

    ·Categories of Substitutes:

    oCertified Teacher-Valid Texas Teacher Certification

    oDegreed- Bachelor’s Degree

    oNon-Degreed- 30+ college hours

    oAides- High School Diploma/GED.

    §Instructional-in classroom assistance

    §Clerk/Secretary-office assistance





    ·Substitute Requirements:


    oCriminal History Check

    oOriginal College Transcript


    oI-9-Employment Eligibility Form

    oValid Driver’s License/ID

    oSubstitute Teacher Training Course (Mandatory for those applying for Teacher Substitute.) This does not apply to those who are Texas Certified, also if you have a previous certificate from Lee College, it will be accepted as well.

    §Region IV's Substitute Training Course:


    oFingerprints-Once the applicant’s FAST Pass is available, they will be contacted to pick up the paperwork and continue to the desired location for fingerprints to be processed.

    ·Application, Criminal History Check, and Fingerprints must be completed first before the applicant is added to the district’s substitute list.

    ·Applications can be picked up from CISD Administration office. For more information, please feel free to contact Rebeca Cruz at 281-328-9200 ext. 1233 or acruz@crosbyisd.org .