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  • FYI

    Substitute Applications will open July 1, 2021 and will close on December 3, 2021. 

    If you have questions,
    please email Audrey at 

  • Canceling Substitute Jobs

    How to cancel a sub job after our business hours of 7:30am- 4:00pm and on weekends.

    Please use the following contact information for reaching out to secretaries when needing to discuss a substitute job. You will need to contact the secretary directly when canceling a substitute job. 
    →Email the school secretary at the campus of the job as soon as possible. 
    →Call the school secretary at the campus of the job
    The secretary will need to fill the position as soon as possible

    If you have pre-scheduled jobs that you need to cancel in advance
    you may email Audrey Anderson- 
    Jobs can not be cancelled by the HR secretary after 4:00pm, please refer to the steps above for cancellation after hours.

Secretary List