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  • FYI

    Click here for the substitute hiring process.

    Click here to be taken to the Crosby ISD substitute application. 

    Substitutes that completed their Letter of Reasonable Assurance (LRA), & an in-person Substitute Safety & Security training with HR, will only need to complete the Vector SafeSchools Trainings that will come to you via email from Vector Solutions around August 1st. If you are unsure about your LRA, please email LChase@crosbyisd.org with the subject "LRA".  

    If you have questions, please email Lana Chase at lchase@crosbyisd.org

    Region IV Training Information:

    To register for the session, please follow these steps:

    1. Visit www.esc4.net –click on Professional Development tab, select user account, and sign in to your account OR use the link above.  If you do not have an account, you will need to make one.
    2. Click on Search and input keyword or Session ID to search for PD.
    3. Select the Session ID to see the description.
    4. Select the blue register button to register for the session.
    5. Follow the prompts to complete registration.

    You will know you have successfully registered when you see a screen saying ‘Thank you for your registration.’
    Please note once you register and pay for the session,  you have 30 days from the payment date to complete the course.  Training is approximately 6 hours long. 
    It is important that each time you log off the session, you must click “Save” to keep your information, including when you complete the course. To access the certificate, you must click the "evaluation" button, the certificate will be available at the end. 
    If you have registration or certificate issues, please contact registration services at register@esc4.net or via phone at 713-744-6326

Secretary List
  • Cancel Substitute Assignments by reaching out to the campus directly or emailing LChase@crosbyisd.org

    How to cancel a sub job after our business hours of 7:30 am-4:00 pm and on weekends:
    Email the school secretary at the campus of the job as soon as possible (see chart above). 
    Call the school secretary at the campus of the job (phone numbers above or call 281-328-9200 for directory).
    The secretary will need to fill the position as soon as possible so please contact us to cancel at your earliest convenience. 
    If you have pre-scheduled jobs that you need to cancel in advance you may email Lana Chase, HR Secretary at lchase@crosbyisd.org.
    Jobs cannot be canceled by the HR secretary after 4:00 pm, please refer to the steps above for cancellation after hours.