• Job Vacancies

    In order to apply for a vacancy, please visit Crosby ISD Job Listings and browse our vacancies.  Once you find a position that you would like to apply for, click “apply” and follow the prompts to set up your Talent ED Account.

    Internal Applicants

    An online application, through Talent ED, has been activated that will allow internal candidates to apply online for posted positions. This new process will remove the need to have internal applicants submit (email, mail, fax, etc.) a letter of interest to the campus principal or district supervisor.  Resumes and letters of interest will all be uploaded into Talent Ed. 

    As a result of the new process, internal applicants will take the following action steps when applying for posted positions:  

    Request to be added to the Transfer List

    While internal applicants will be required to apply for posted positions, principals and district supervisors will use the Transfer List to ensure that an internal applicant is eligible for a transfer.  However, internal applicants will be required to complete an online application for posted positions. 

    Apply online using the Internal Online Application 

    • Internal applicants will be required to upload resumes and interest letters based upon the position for which they are applying.
    • Once an internal application has been completed by an employee, the application can be updated for each position of interest thereafter.

    Automated reference forms will be distributed using the internal online application once a Crosby ISD employee applies for a vacant position.  Crosby ISD employees need three references (including one from your current supervisor).

    Note:  Internal applicants cannot apply for positions that have not been posted.  In this case, the principal/district supervisor will use the transfer list as a way to identify interested applicants. 

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