• Employee Leave

    Any employee that will be out a consecutive five days due to illness MUST bring a doctor's release (job description provided by the HR department) on their return to work. The employee should report to the front office on their first day back and provide the doctor's release to work before you will be allowed to work.


    If the employee does not return to work on the 6th day, they should contact their campus/department front office as well as the personnel specialist and/or benefits specialist.


    As of the 6th day of absence, each employee has to be qualified for FMLA. At this time, the employee's monies will be reviewed to apply to any leave days against the time out. Once all leave days are exhausted, the employee will receive a dock to their payroll for any unearned days unless there are sick bank member and qualified to apply or receive from the bank.


    If these are awarded, monies will be looked at to determine how far the bank days will take the employee without being docked. Once all days are exhausted, any unearned days taken will be docked to either as they are taken or in a long-term dock.


    If the employee is not a bank member or is not awarded days for the incident, then a long-term dock will be put into place or checks will stop until the total dock of unearned time is satisfied. If the employee is an At Will employee In accordance with Crosby ISD's new district operating procedures, once all personal leave days are exhausted and if the At Will employee does not qualify for FMLA, the employee will be terminated.