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    Outgoing Service Records:

    Please email Nancy Valencia at nvalencia@crosbyisd.org with the following information:


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    Incoming Service Records:

     Have records sent via U.S. Postal Service to:

                                 Attn: Nancy Valencia

                                 Human Resources Specialist

                                 Crosby ISD

                                 HR Department

                                 PO Box 2009

                                 Crosby, Texas 77532


    Digital or Electronic Copies are accepted only from District to District.(nvalencia@crosbyisd.org)

    We cannot accept a digital copy from an employee.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will someone in HR contact my previous employers for my service records?

    No, it is your responsibility to contact your previous employers to either send us your service record or for you to send them a form to have filled out for your experience.          

    Will I be notified when HR receives my service records?

    No, due to the high volume of service records received, that request cannot be honored. Please contact Nancy Valencia 281-328-9200 ext. 1203 or nvalencia@crosbyisd.org.

    Do I need to contact each of my previous schools for a service record?

    Yes, we will need original service records from each school district in order to complete the review. However, your current district should already have these on file but please check with them first.

    What is the turnaround time for the review of my service records provided by my previous employer(s)?

    Review of service records is done within 24-48 hours of being received, depending on volume. We will return them to you via interoffice-mail to your campus/department.

    Will I get back pay for turning in my service records?

    Yes, you will get a one- time supplement beginning with your first day of employment of the current school year. If your service records are turned in after your last day of school for the current school year, you will not get back pay nor experience credit for that school year. You will, however receive the appropriate credit in the following school year.

    I just received my service records back from HR. How do I know how many years I received credit and will be paid?

    You will receive from CISD a Years of Service Sheet along with your service record(s) from previous employer(s) indicating how many years we gave you credit for and what your new pay step will be. You can visit the HR web page to view the Teacher Salary Schedule.

    I am resigning before the end of the year, how soon will I get my service record?

    Your service record will be mailed out to you within a few weeks, but no later than 30 days from receipt of a written request. 

    I am resigning at the end of the school year; can I get my service record right away?

    No, all employees fulfilling their contracted days will get service records mid-July, when all absences are cleared out for the new fiscal year beginning each July.