• Network Drive FAQ

    What is a network drive?

    Your network drive is where all of your documents are housed (saved) outside of your computer. 

    Why do I need to save the network drive?

    Saving to your network drive eliminates the possibilities of losing your documents should your MacBook need to be reimaged or is lost or damaged.

    How do I access my Network Drive from outside the district?

    You can use File Share (under Staff on CISD website). 

    What do you get with File Share?

    The ability to send large files, web-based, secure 256-bit encryption on all files.

    How do I know what drives (networks) I have access to?

    Once you are logged into File Share you will see all of the network drive mappings you have access to.

    What should I do if I don't see one I need access to (ie. Social Studies Drive)?

    Put in a work order, you will then be grated access to the network drives of the departments you belong to.