• Student MacBook Info for Teachers


    I have a student in my class that says they dropped off their MacBook for Repair, how can I verify this?

    Please contact your house secretary or ajordal. These people have access to a list of devices that have been collected.

    How long should a device be out for service?

    Our goal is a 24 hour turnaround. Some devices have been repaired but not picked up, some issues take longer than others as well. FYI: Tech Aides can only deliver during certain periods. Please follow up if you believe it has been longer than 24 hours.

    What do students do if they need assistance with their MacBook?

    There are Tech Aides available during periods 2,3,4 and 6 in the library. They can assist students with trouble shooting and filling out work orders for repair.

    I have a student that has a damaged device, how long should they be without their device?

    If a student has filled out a damage report with their AP and paid the repair cost, the student should have the device within 48 hours. Any delay in payment will result in delay of a new device being issued.

    What do if I have a student that has a device not in a case?

    The student is not following the Mobile Device Handbook agreement that they signed and should be reported to their AP.