Schoology FAQ


    A student can't remember their password, what should they do?

    Teachers have the ability to reset their password from the teacher account. Enter the course, find the student, Click on the settings wheel, choose change password.

     I have a new student, they aren't showing up, do I need to add them?

    No. Schoology talks to Skyward each night. It may take 24 hours before a new student is added to Schoology.

    How can I get Schooloy Login information for PARENTS?

    In Schoology under your course: select members, Parent Access codes on the right side, download.

    Are there any informational videos for students to learn how to effectively use Schoology?

    There is a video available for the students on the FAQ page for Schoology under students.

    How do I find my courses from previous years?

    Click on courses, in the drop down click on see all. You will have a tab for CURRENT and ARCHIVED. Archived will show previous years courses.

    Want Schoology to provide TEXT to SPEECH? (From Mr. McGinnis)

    Type in the information or copy and paste material into the rich text editor, highlight what you want read aloud to the student, right click and select itunes, from there you will select the voice to use and where to save it. Go to the arrow to add material at the top of the editor box, select add media, chose your audio file. 

    Skyward/Schoology For Automatic Grade Transfer or When I click on the Skyward App in Schoology, it says ACCESS DENIED

    Follow the instructions for instructors in this link.  (Instructions are also available in the Cheat Sheet below).

    Looking for more? Try this Cheat Sheet Created by Tess Humphries and Jessica Hefner


    The videos below are a 5 part series on how to use Schoology.